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Weidenstation RuhrNatur

Willowstation RuhrNature

The baubotanical project "Willowstation RuhrNature" combines the conditions on a barrier-free accessibility with the requirements as a landmark and viewing point over the renatured landscape area in the west of Neheim, Arnsberg (NRW).

For this purpose, two different access systems - a linear staircase and a low inclined steel ramp - were put together: This enables wheelchair users to reach the first level in a height of 1,25 meters above ground and to experience a constructed treetop from within. Through the staircase, the second floor (3,75 meters above ground) - as a kind of gallery floating above the first level - will be accessible.

The opening up from the outside thoughout the baubotanical structure is staged as an "experience": The visitor is slowly approaching a tight treewall, which resembles the surrounding. After breaking through it, one find oneself in a complete different space - a kind of technical "treetop". This spacial impression is intensified through the choice of a rather tight baubotanical rhombus-structure at the eastside and wide one - in the height of a full-level - at the west side.

As a landmark and a recreational area for pedestrians and biker within the renatured landscape area, the baubotanical project accomplishes at the same time the task to give the visitors an understanding of the reappropriation of the area through nature, which is expressed symbolically in the knot processes of baubotanical structures.

  • Project:
  • Planungsteam:
    Ferdinand Ludwig;
    Andreas Ernst
  • Projectstatus:
  • Location:
    Neheim/Arnsberg, NRW

Projekt: Experimentalbauwerk/Studienprojekt

Planungsteam: Ferdinand Ludwig; Oliver Storz; Cornelius Hackenbracht

Standort: Neue Kunst am Ried

Finanzierung: Neue Kunst am Ried, Sponsoren

Bauliche Fertigstellung: 04/2005

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