Tree Wall

The Tree Wall is a product development of the research group at the Igma. It was developed in cooperation with the SecOp/GaLaTec Company by order of Helix Pflanzensysteme Enterprise. The project was supported by the „Innovationsgutschein Baden-Württemberg“. It is the first concrete usage of the baubotanical idea of plant addition within a horticultural constructional product.

The Tree Wall is generally not supported by the plant structure. The plant vessels and additional stabilizing elements untertake the major stabilizing supporting function instead. However, these cause no additional weight but help to reinforce and anchor the structure in the ground. The self-supporting qualified plant vessels which contain necessary supplies and substrate fillings for the plants are permanent components of the structure.

The basic idea now is to use the vessels to create a self-contained wall area. Thereby, they also take over additional functions, such as a sound-deadening device like a sound barrier, for example.

Altogether the Tree Wall is designed as a “vegetal modular system”: the plant vessels are inserted just like stones of a masonry and already right from the start, they are equipped with young plants. Those plants that have the quality to grow like trees are connected by means of plant addition to create a continuous structure. In process of time in front and above the wall a crown arises which can be cropped and embellished shaped in various ways. Furthermore other vessels can be planted with creepers, climbing plants or herbaceous perennial plants so that the whole wall turns into a vertical green area.

Since the ground supplies the need of water and nutrients for the intergrown plant structure, the size of the crown is limited to the the vessels root capacity. Thereby a bigger area of leaves can cultivate which does not happen in the course of conventional wall planting.

Moreover an integral part part of the Tree-Wall-concept is the inclusion of a rainwater management system: Porous water reservoirs (Rigolen) can be integrated underneath the wall in the ground and can be used for the artificial watering for those plants that root in the wall. Simultaneously, these water reservoirs are directly available for the plants that root in the ground. Thereby surface water and rainwater will be used for the watering of the Tree Wall and no tap water is necessary.

  • Project:
    Research- and development-task at the IGMA
  • Team:
    Ferdinand Ludwig
  • Christoph Roesler
  • Client:
    Helix Pflanzen GmbH
  • Support:
    Innovationsgutscheine Land Baden-Württemberg
  • Period:
    seit 2009

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