The baubotanical Pavilion for the SATELLITE

The idea for the SATELLITE is based on the collaboration between the course of studies "Industrial Design" of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and the Institute of architectural theory (IGMA) at the University of Stuttgart.

The goal of the pavilion design is the creation of a common cultural platform, that can be used by both cooperation partners. The building shall enable a closer and sustainable contact between the universities and the citizens of Stuttgart. Thereby the cultural life of the city shall benefit from the activities of the University and the Academy of Art.

The answer to this design task is an experimental baubotanical building. Its operators will become so to speak Heads of Laboratory: They use and nurse it for some time and contribute cultural activities to the city life.

Even though the potenial building plot is located in the city center of Stuttgart (Stauffenbergstraße) it owns attributes of a backyard: neighboring buildings like the art building turns its back on the site and the situation is dominated by the entranceway of an underground parking garage. By placing the pavilion on this “hole” amidst the space, a positive filling of this vague place is intended. The overground structural elements of the gateway to the underground parking function as a “base” for the pavilion and contain a hovering “root panel”. Thus, an open space can be created that is able to establish the wished connection of the two green spaces Schlossplatz and Schlossgarten by its own green qualities .

The space and utilization programm of the SATELLITE integrates into a baubotanical experimental configuration. In the beginning the usage will have a provisional touch and the users become contributors in an publicly shown experiment. In the high phases the usage of the satellite can be integrated in a “green room”. And as soon as the institution moves out, a public lounge remains that offers a lots of qualities. The duration of these three phases is determined by the growth and training of the plants as well as by the installation and deinstallation of the climate covers. Biological processes predefine a time slot and shape the spacial and aesthetical character of the site.

  • Project:
    Design / Study
  • Planning team:
    FG Baubotanik;
    Ulrich Pantle
    Daniel Schönle
  • Client:

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