Wettbewerb Erlenmatt

Project Erlenmatt

This Baubotanik project is part of the design of a new city square located in Basel "Erlenmatt". The whole district is in a process of transformation. Therefore, the development of the Baubotanik building accompanies the transformation of the district and symbolizes its change. The building itself serves as a viewpoint and landmark.

The visitors are led spirally upwards by a sequence of platforms and stairs along the trees. The plants create a green wall forming an inside and outside. The starting point of the staircase is situated in the interior space, which will be entered at ground level.

After the first few stairways, the position of the Baubotanik wall changes. The path meanders between the inside and outside. After a few more stairs, the visitors will reach the final viewing platform on top, which is built partly inside and outside the plant space. From here the view opens over the square, which is modeled wavelike. The inside offers various resting areas underneath the shady roof of the treetop.

The Baubotanik structure with its polygonal floor plan will be made of hornbeams which are combined to a bigger, connected frameworkby the plant addition method. A temporary scaffold supports the Baubotanik structure until it is self-sustaining.



  • Client:
    Stadt Basel
  • Overall Project:
    Koeber Landschafts- architektur
  • Design:
    Ludwig.Schönle (F. Ludwig/ D. Schönle)
  • Structural engineering:
    Stark Ingenieure
  • Horticultural consulting:
    SecOp/Christoph Rösler
  • Projectstatus:
    Design, planned start 2014

Projekt: Experimentalbauwerk/Studienprojekt

Planungsteam: Ferdinand Ludwig; Oliver Storz; Cornelius Hackenbracht

Standort: Neue Kunst am Ried

Finanzierung: Neue Kunst am Ried, Sponsoren

Bauliche Fertigstellung: 04/2005

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