Pavillon Bodensee

Pavilions and Towers

Between 2005 and 2007, several smaller baubotanical projects were realized, adding roof and enveloping surfaces made from textile membranes to the willow structures.

On the isle of Mainau, five tower-like baubotanical structures mark the stops of an experience tour which give informations about the the „Eco-Management and Audit Scheme“ EMAS and also the eco-management of the flower island. Therefore membranes are spanned in the baubotanical structure and printed with graphics and texts. To perceive the content entirely the visitor has to approach the object very closely and thereby has to brush the leaves aside. Therefore the way of getting information is connected with a sensual experience on several layers. The tour was awarded with the EMAS-AWARD 2006 for being the best communication campaign of the EMAS in europe.

For the trademark Weidenprinz, designs for two living pavilions were developed. A smaller one with a diameter of four meters and a circular ground plan was realized upon the initiative of the Volksbank Überlingen right on the shores of the Lake Constance at the lido West. A bigger one with an elliptical outline and a footprint of about 43 m² is located in the botanical garden of the University Freiburg. There, it is used as a lounge and a place to study.



  • Project:
    Plan and realization of prototypical buildings
  • Planning team:
    Ferdinand Ludwig;
    Oliver Storz
    Hannes Schwertfeger
  • Finance:
    Weidenart-Freitag; Auftraggeber
  • Engineering:
    Greiner Engineering; Bauer Membranbau
  • Realization:
    Weidenart Freitag; Gartenmanufaktur Detlef Koch
  • Period:
    2005 - 2007

Projekt: Experimentalbauwerk/Studienprojekt

Planungsteam: Ferdinand Ludwig; Oliver Storz; Cornelius Hackenbracht

Standort: Neue Kunst am Ried

Finanzierung: Neue Kunst am Ried, Sponsoren

Bauliche Fertigstellung: 04/2005

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