Haus der Zukunft

House of Future Berlin

For the House of Future competition in Berlin, Ludwig.Schönle have designed a Baubotanik structure which is creating a living facade. Town-sided, the building presents itself as a huge, artificially created tree. Inside, a wide ramp coils upwards along the tree-glass-facade so that the visitors are situated at different heights in the artificially created treetop.

According to the task of the competition, the House of Future will be understood as a window to the world of tomorrow. It shall support the people and the society to inform about opportunities and risks of science based innovations, to discuss their sustainability and to react enlightened on it.

In order to solve the given design task, the idea of the work is about creating a building whose own future is uncertain: It grows. No one can predict its appearance exactly. By this uncertainty, a space of possibilities is set up, which is linked directly to the programmatic development of the House of Future: It shall contain things we do not know yet how they will look like...

At the same time, the Baubotanik facade is an integrated part of the climatic building concept. The exterior space as well as the interior space benefit from the microclimatic effect of the tree structure.







  • Offered by:
  • Result:
    3rd prize
  • Design:
    Ludwig.Schönle (F. Ludwig/ D. Schönle)
  • Assistance:
    A. Desuki; J. Rauscher; O. Teiml; P. Schick; S. Raiber
  • Structural engineering:
    Stark Ingenieure
  • Climatic concept:
  • Fire protection:
    TOP Ingenieure
  • Calculation of profitability:
    Inst. für Bauökonomie, Uni Stgt.
  • Consulting:
    Ulrich Pantle, Alexander Wäsch

Projekt: Experimentalbauwerk/Studienprojekt

Planungsteam: Ferdinand Ludwig; Oliver Storz; Cornelius Hackenbracht

Standort: Neue Kunst am Ried

Finanzierung: Neue Kunst am Ried, Sponsoren

Bauliche Fertigstellung: 04/2005

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